Success Stories

Minnie the (not so mini) Irish Wolfhound came to us 3 months ago.

She had a hard time learning potty training, had no Recall/didnt come when called and chased deer and cows, was shy and nervous, pulled really hard on leash, and didnt know any obedience commands.

Now……Now Minnie is 100% potty trained and crate trained. Has 100% perfect off leash recall, which was very important for Minnie’s family because they live on 300 acres. She does NOT chase deer or cows anymore. She has transformed into a calm and confident pup. She now walks perfectly on a lose leash, and knows sit stay and down.

Its was important for Leanna and her family (minnie’s owners) to have a dog that was easy, enjoyable and was an active part of their family. Minnie is great with Leanna’s children and is a great companion for her 2 daughters. Congrats Minnie on completing your “Dream Dog Program” with us!

-Leanna and Minnie

Jessie and Chris where told by multiple people that “Dachshunds are UN-TRAINABLE!”……. They thought training was going to be a huge challenge for them and their Dachshund Ollie, but little did they know he was actually soooo Trainable, Eager to please and super smart!

Before training Ollie the Dachshund used to run away from his owners, not come when called, play “the keep away game” when they wanted to leave the dog park, was not potty trained, chased the cat and pulled on leash (following his nose constantly).

Now…..Ollie has 100% PERFECT off leash Recall (he will come when called, no matter what the distraction may be). He is fully potty trained and can “hold it” for 8-10 hours throughout the night. Does not chase the cat anymore. Walks perfectly on leash, never pulls on leash and is fully focused on his owners. He can walk past any distraction and still stay 100% focused on his owners Jessie and Chris.

Jessie and Chris completed our “Perfect Pup Program” last week and where so happy with Ollie’s amazing results.

Sooo Yes! Dachshunds are VERY TRAINABLE!

-Jessie, Chris and Ollie

Lauree came to us stressed out about her reactive and dog aggressive rescue dog Jimmy (a lab mix) Jimmy would lunge and bark at other dogs when he was on leash, would nip dogs if they came to close. Had good recall only 50% of the time. Would fence fight with the neighbor dog. Chased their cats and was bossy over the other dog in the house hold.

Lauree was frustrated and embarrassed….. About Jimmy behavior. She felt like she couldn’t exercise Jimmy enough because every walk was a struggle, and if he was off leash he could/would attack other dogs. She was annoyed by his fence fighting with the neighbor dog. She was worried about her cats safety. And she wanted to be able to exercise Jimmy off leash but was worried about him not coming back when called. Lauree was at her wits end with Jimmy’s behavior but determined to figure it out!

Jimmy completed the “Perfect Pup Program” in September. Throughout the program we focused strongly on the dog reactivity, aggression problems, off leash recall and less on obedience because Jimmy was excellent at the basics. Lauree made sure to bring Jimmy to every “Canine Club Class” and put in the time, effort and love to transform her dog for the better!

Now…. Jimmy will play with other dogs, can walk past dogs on leash without making a peep. He doesn’t chase the cats anymore and is not bossy towards the other dog in their house. Doesn’t fence fight at all anymore, and has perfect off leash recall (will come when called no matter what the distraction is!).

But…. the best of all!!!! Jimmy now goes on our dog hikes! He is able to handle being in our dog hike van with 8-10 dogs and hike for 2-2.5 hours with them, With No Problem! (Jimmy wouldn’t of been able to do this at all 6 months ago). Jimmy went from attacking dogs to being able to handle being around 10 off leash dogs and part of our dog hike pack!

Jimmy’s whole disposition has changed as well. He is calm happy and focused. Vs. before he was anxious, tense and stressed out constantly “analyzing the environment”.

We are so proud of Jimmy and Lauree and the amount of commitment they both put in, to change for the better! CONGRATS!

-Lauree and Jimmy

“I came to Victoria asking for help with my very high drive German Shepherd who had pulled me off my feet on walks trying to see other dogs and chase cars.  Victoria was very professional and easy to talk to about what I wanted help with, and she clearly communicated her plan for River and I.  When we started the lessons, River was quite a handful and very strong, yet eager to learn.  Victoria took me through the steps in a way that was easily understood and that I could follow. By the second lesson, River was walking on a lose leash and doing the automatic sit, by the end, I had a stronger bond with River, and a more enjoyable dog. Now I can confidently walk my dog down the road, knowing that I have the tools to handle any situation that may arise. I have gotten everything and more that I was hoping to get out of the program with Victoria. I highly recommend the Dream Dog Program to anybody with a dog!”
-Jessica Wright & River

“Templeton has always been excited to encounter the company of both people and other dogs, but sometimes it would be a little too much.  When I had seen the opportunity to expose Templeton to both some added exercise and dog socialization, I had to sign him up.  This service has been invaluable to both Templeton and our family.  Templeton has learned how to control his excitement and understand social cues around other dogs.  Something only the communication of his new friends could teach him.  When we are at work, I know on the group walk day that Templeton will be well exercised and greatly cared for.  What I did not expect was how the re-enforcement of commands used on his walks would enhance his already solid obedience.  Nor did I ever expect to see how intense Templeton’s overwhelming reaction to the blue SUV coming up the lane could be.  We often view the pictures and videos of his adventures with his puppy friends on face-book.  Templeton jumps, barks and whimpers at the sight of both Victoria and his Lumby friends.  We even have to whisper Victoria’s name because whenever Templeton hears her name he runs to the door, looks out the window and anxiously waits for her.”
-Sheri Leason and Templeton

“Our German Shepherd puppy, Whisky, acquired all her training through the Perfect Pup program with Victoria. Before we began, Victoria asked what our main concerns were. Most things were covered sequentially through the lessons but Victoria always had time to individualize the training, and provided a summary sheet so we could check we were getting things right. Victoria conducted the lessons in a variety of settings, with increasing distractions, and the 1:1 approach produced results quickly. Whisky really enjoyed it and so did we!

Victoria is knowledgeable, communicates well, and handled Whisky in a friendly, upbeat, no-nonsense way. Whisky loves her, and we are keen to continue to the next level. In the meantime we get comments like ‘“What a calm, well-behaved puppy.” Thanks, Victoria!”
-Heather & Ian Cameron and Whisky

“Victoria goes above and beyond in her dog training. Not only did she let us use her equipment in class, she dropped off a collar to us at our home to try to see if it worked before we went out and bought one. Her friendly demeanor, confidence and practical assistance helped turn our “Marley and Me” lab into a obedient, therapeutic dog for our autistic son. She really is a miracle worker!”
-Sheena and Luke Larlee

“I must say, after last nights class I really thought my dog and I might be defective. This morning we followed our normal routine of walking the kids to the bus stop. We do this every morning, and it is usually a long 5 blocks, with a lot of sniffing and stopping (even with treats)! Well this morning, I slipped on the training collar, and we headed out. He hardly pulled and I barely had to give him any corrections. He was like a different dog. I must say that I was astounded that anything even sunk in during last nights Obedience Class, because he was so interested in the other dogs. I’m very impressed, and so proud of my furry little guy. Looking forward to next class.”
-Bobby-Jo Gloeckler

“Templeton started taking the Valley Canine basic obedience course with Victoria when he was only 5 months old.  I was amazed not only by Victoria’s knowledge and professionalism, but also the way she adjusted her technique to suit each dogs breed, age, personality and mood to achieve the same goal.  By the completion of the course, Templeton had consistently executed basic commands such as sit, lay down, stay and heal.  Beyond the basic commands, Victoria taught Templeton & I how to communicate with each other.  Templeton learned how to trust me as a pack leader and I learned to rely on him to follow through on commands. After taking basic obedience I wanted to expand the training to off leash.  With living amongst much wildlife, safety while hiking around our property is very important to me.  Victoria customized private training sessions; individually suited for our needs.  It is a regular occurrence that deer are within 10 feet of Templeton and I can call him to a heal / stay.  For a young high driven lab to be called off a running deer, while in mid pursuit is an amazing.”
-Sheri Leason and Templeton

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