Canine Club Classes


Transforming Dogs into Incredible Canine's!

Join us in 2019 for a full year of fun,
learning and adventure!

Valley Canine Training will be hosting
Canine Club Classes in Lumby, BC!

2018 Topics of the Month:

Leash Work and Obedience Review and Proper Greeting and Socialization
Urban Agility and Rally Obedience
Nose Work and Urban Tracking
Obedience Games and Socialization
Behavior Training (Reactive Rover)

Our Canine Club Classes are open to clients who are currently enrolled or have completed one of training programs.

Our Canine Club Class are exclusive for our training clients, this is because our training clients already have a solid foundation of training with their dogs and they are ready to increase the challenge of a group environment.

We don't offer group obedience classes to the public because from past experience we find that group obedience classes are to generalized and usually don't work for most dogs because they are to distracting/challenging to start with.

We also find, that in order to get the best training results its important to have one to one attention and which is impossible to have in a group obedience class. 

This is why we only offer the group classes to current clients who are ready to challenge and take their training to the next level.



May 2nd – Sept 26th 2018
Wednesday Evenings 6pm-7pm


2250 Shields ave, Lumby, BC

Who (Pre-Requisites) 

To join our Club Classes you must complete one
of our Pre-Requisites.

-Completed/Enrolled in a Personal Training Program
-Dog Hike Clients and Scent Detection Clients must be approved to join our classes.


5 Classes $75.00
10 Classes $140.00 (Save $20)
15 Classes $195.00 (Save $30)
Full Year (Unlimited Drop In’s) $290.00 (Save $40)

What will you and your dog learn?

-Distraction training, applying obedience to the real world.
-Socializing your dog with people, dogs and different environments.
-Obedience and Training games
-Rally Obedience, Retrieval and Urban Agility
-Nose work, Tracking and Urban Tracking
-Leash Manners and Behavioral Training.
And much much more…