Scent Detection Course

Tracking and Nose Work Training

"This is an extensive course that will teach your dog to track and detect scent. In this course your dog will learn how to track human scent, animal scent and detect scents through nose work. This program teaches you and your dog all the essentials to successful Tracking and Nose Work."

-Victoria Regan

Course Structure:

Our Scent Detection Course consists of over 30 hours of learning Tracking and Nose Work. The course consist of a 3 hour video course, next 10 hours of nose work training and lastly 18 hours of tracking training. (video course, 2 nose work classes and 5 tracking classes).

When you register for our Scent Detection Course you will have immediate access to our Introductory videos, which is a short video course that will give you all the great background knowledge you will need to know for our hands on Nose Work and Tracking Classes.

We start out with 2 classes consisting of 10 hours of hands on learning experience with Nose Work and Scent Detection Training.

Next we have 5 classes of over 18 hours of hands on Tracking and Scent Detection experience and training Tracking in the field.

By the end of this program your dog will be a pro at Tracking and Nose Work, you will have a solid foundation of what Scent Detection is. A lot of people go into search and rescue or other types of scent detection jobs after the completion of this course.

What is Covered:

  • How to lay a proper track
  • Different types of tracks
  • How to use articles on track
  • Work a proper tracking relationship with your dog
  • The science behind the tracking nose & the olfactory system
  • Surface awareness
  • Different types of tracking (tracking vs trailing)
  • Fundamentals of tracking dogs
  • Using tracking in hunting/rules and regulations
  • Indications/signs the dog will show during a track
  • How to properly handle your dog during a track
  • Hands on experience handling your dog during a track
  • Nose work, indications, surface awareness, motivation
  • Nose work skills and handling
  • The proper steps to successful Nose work

Spring 2019 Course Dates:

2 Nose Work Classes:
Saturday March 16th 10am-2pm
Sunday March 24th 10am-2pm

5 Tracking Classes:
Dates TBA (Spring 2019)
Sunday March 31st 10am-2pm
Tuesday April 2nd 4pm-6pm
Sunday April 7th 10am-2pm
Tuesday April 9th 4pm-6pm
Sunday April 14th 10am-2pm


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“Templeton absolutely loved the tracking course.  I was unsure at the time of enrolment if we would utilize the training for something like SAR, competition or hunting, but I figured it would be a fun activity to do together.  I didn’t know it would become so practical.  We have a little black kitty named Django that is an indoor cat.  He got out of the house one day and after hours of calling and looking with no luck, I began to worry.  There had been a bobcat hanging around the yard every-night for the past week.  It was getting to be dusk and poor Django was not accustom to outdoor life.  After almost 6 months of the course completion (and not practising for months), I gave a single “Search Django” command.  Templeton’s nose went up in the air then directly to the ground tail circling  as he paced to pick up the scent.  Once he caught the track he took off like a shot, tail straight, and I could only follow him trusting he knew what he was doing.  When I caught up with him, he was sitting under the 2nd storey deck.  I looked around and no sign of Django.  Templeton kept looking up into the rafters then back at me while staying in a sit position.  When I looked up into the rafters there was a tiny black tuft of hair poking out.  We were able to get Django out and into the house thanks to Templeton and the training he received.”

-Sheri Leason and Templeton