VIP Board & Train Program

Let us take away your stress and train your dog for you! This program will create a solid foundation of training to set you up with an easy and enjoyable life with your dog.

Your dog will stay in our Canine Cabin with our Master Trainer Victoria as she train's and transform's your dog into a truly incredible canine, setting your dog up with a strong foundation of training, manners, communication and understanding.

You will have the ease of us doing the hard work as you enjoy the benefits of a solid foundation.

Our Board and Train Program includes 3 weeks of boarding with 24/7 training. we cover everything from puppy problems to perfect off leash recall. When you start your incredibly easy journey of board and train you will have our support for the rest of your pups life!

You will have 2 follow up lessons where we will show you how to easily maintain your dogs perfect behavior at home. Access to our group coaching calls and online classroom. Access to 2 of our 8 week online courses which is a series of videos showing you how to maintain your dogs training and access to our Canine Club Classes.

If you would like to register your dog for board and train please contact us here.

What will your dog learn?:
  • Puppy Problems (Jumping, Nipping, Chewing, Potty Training)
  • Communication Commands (Eye Contact, Leave It, Wait)
  • Lose Leash Walking (Heel)
  • Basic Commands (Sit, Down, Stay)
  • Perfect Off Leash Recall *Guaranteed* (come when called)
  • Distraction Training (applying training to the real world)
  • Behavior Problems

Board and Train Program Includes:
  • 3 Weeks of Boarding
  • 3 Weeks of 24/7 Training
  • 2 Private Follow Up Lessons
  • Access to our online classroom
  • Access to 2 – 8 Week Video Courses (to teach you about your dogs training)
  • Access to our Canine Club Classes
  • Group Coaching Calls

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What are you waiting for!?

“As a dog trainer it’s essential to be continuously learning and trying new, more progressive approaches to dog training.  Let me help you create a stronger, healthier, stress-free relationship with your dog. Call us to start your training today. I am excited to see how I can change your life!”

-Victoria Regan